San Francisco Japanese School

San Francisco Japanese School (SFJS) is one of the largest extra curricular Japanese schools supported by the Japanese government outside of Japan. Over 1,400 children living in the greater San Francisco Bay Area attend our classes. The classes are held on 43 days throughout the year, 38 on Saturdays and 5 during a focused one week session in the summer.
SFJS was founded in 1968 by the Japanese community in the Bay Area. The purpose of SFJS is to provide Japanese academic curricula in the Japanese language compatible with both local requirements and the standard educational curricula in Japan, to help children develop sufficient knowledge and abilities that would allow them to successfully transfer to a school in Japan, if their family circumstances dictated such transfer, and grow into active players in the international society.
The Japanese government supports SFJS by sending three teachers (Principal and two Vice-Principals) on expat-assignments from the Japanese public school system, as well as providing financial assistance for the operation of the school.
Currently there are about 1,400 children attending SFJS at our four campuses, two in San Francisco and two in the South Bay. The curricula cover grades K through 11.
The educational program at SFJS is modeled after the Japanese public school system’s curriculum, suitably adapted to local circumstances by the teachers from Japan.
The curriculum consists of Japanese language (two periods), Mathematics (two periods), Science (one period), and Social Studies (one period). Each period is 45 minutes for the 1st grade – 6th grade, 50 minutes for the 7th grade -11th grade. The 1st and 2nd grades have fewer classes: Japanese (two periods), Mathematics (one period), and Activity (one period).
SFJS hosts various cultural events as well including traditional sports day, start-of-the-year, and end-of-the-year ceremonies. In addition, the Parent Association organizes other events such as a fall festival, book sale, and other cultural and fundraising activities.
SFJS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Address San Francisco Japanese School
22 Battery Street, #612
San Francisco, CA 94111
Office Hours Tue-Fri 9:00-17:00
Phone 415-989-4535
Fax 415-989-2542

Rented School Facilities

Campus Grades Address Phone
San Francisco Grades K-6 A.P. Giannini Middle School
3151 Ortega St,
San Francisco, CA
Grades 7-11 Lowell HS
1101 Eucalyptus Dr.
San Francisco, CA
San Jose Grades K-6 Miller Middle School
6151 Rainbow Dr.
San Jose, CA
Grades 7-11 J.F. Kennedy MS
821 Bubb Road
Cupertino, CA

*The above phone numbers are used on Saturdays only.

School Hours

Grades Begins at Ends at
Kindergarten 9:00 13:40
Grades 1, 2 8:45 13:50
Grades 3-6 8:45 14:50
Grades 7-11 8:35 15:10